Room & General Information

At Argyll Backpackers we continue doing our very best by providing accommodation in accordance with Scottish Government (SG) restrictions, helping us to protect our guests, our local community and ourselves. We can now resume our usual ‘Hostel’ service, but the following changes have been made due to 'public perceptions/expectations' of accommodation, and now apply to all bookings.

Each of our rooms are fully ensuite, with all bedding and micro-fiber towels (NB: not towels when 'Sole Use' booking), breakfast-bar or small table...please note that due to a few guest(s) misuse and spills on top bunks, tea/coffee making facilities are now not within rooms, please use the self-catering kitchen & dining areas only.

Prices are either per private room, (not per bed), though the twin rooms (in bunks), do have single/sole occupancy discounts...OR, per bed for our 'solo travellers' willing to share with others in a dorm room 'hostel tyle' wall the same facilities as the 'private' rooms.

So, Argyll Backpackers is ideal for those who do and those who don't, wish to mix and/or socialise with other guests in the shared 'common-room' lounge/diner and kitchen areas.

When choosing 'group' accommodation, you also now have the option to book a 'private' 4 and/or 6 bedded bunkroom for your party's 'sole use', on a travel-lodge styled ‘room only’ basis with a microwave so you are able to re-heat ready-meals or take-aways, plus a coolbox to keep your food/drinks chilled. This option includes covered outside seating & tables. If you don't bring your own, crockery/cutlery can be supplied on request...the self-catering kitchen and 'common-room' facilities are also open for these rooms too our bunkrooms can have the 'best of both worlds'.

* You can even combine 3 or 5 various sized 'private' bedrooms to form a 'unit', which includes use of the self-catering kitchen and 'common-room' lounge/dining area. For option* it is essential that you contact us directly if staying 3 or more nights, prior to using the online booking system for a rate reduction. Please complete the booking enquiry form here or call Pam directly on 07786 157727 when enquiries will normally be answered as soon as possible (daily hostel duties permitting) and within 24 hours.

Individual private/dorm room bookings may be made instantly 24/7 via Freetobook using our 'Book Now' button, or again by contacting Pam if wishing to pay by Bank Transfer and Pam to 'diary your booking' for you. For all other bookings ('Unit' & 'Whole Hostel Sole Use'), please contact Pam.

SELF-CATERING 'UNITS':   Three options are now available for grouping rooms together as follows:

2 - 4 guests: 1x double & 1x twin room with shared kitchen, 'Common-room' (dining/lounge) area.

6 - 9 guests: 1x twin 1x triple & 1x 4 bedded rooms with shared kitchen, 'Common-Room' (dining/lounge) area.

10 - 13 guests: by combining all 5 'inside' rooms as follows: 1x double, 2x twins, 1x triple & 1x 4 bedded rooms, with 'sole use' of full 'common-room' and kitchen.

Contact Pam for info/availability/rates.

HOSTEL:   Our ensuite bedrooms fit all 'household' sizes and we have excellent facilities, including a fully disabled bedroom with level access to the indoor 'Common' areas.  All bedding and microfibre towels are supplied, with tea/coffee, with free self-serve 'Basic Breakfast' available in the kitchen...(NB bedding only supplied for Group/Sole Use bookings). Check availability and reserve your private room/bunk via the 'Book Now' button.

Hostel Staff Responsibilities

  • Staff use hand sanitiser prior to entering the Hostel and/or meeting guests if not 'socially distanced;
  • Staff carry out a strict regime of daily deep cleaning all indoor and outdoor 'common touch areas' (door handles/light switches etc) as well as the 'Common-room' and self-catering kitchen appliances (unless 'sole use' is booked).
  • Staff will not undertake any daily cleaning of occupied rooms (i.e. only for changeovers);
  • All mattress/pillows, ensuites, carpets etc will be cleaned with disinfectant & sanitised between bookings;
  • The Hostel will be closed between 10:30 and 16:00 to ensure no 'walk-ins' just enter, but guests staying a few days can still gain entry.
  • The Hostel maybe be locked overnight to ensure no entry, but as fire doors, exiting in an emergency will obviously still be possible;

Guest Responsibilities

  • If any guest shows Covid-19 symptoms on arrival or during their stay, then they/all their party must comply with Scottish Government guidance and return home as required (no refunds available - see * below);
  • Temperature checks may be taken on guests on arrival, by using a contactless thermometer.
  • Guests should use the provided hand sanitiser prior to entering the building (on every occasion), as well as prior to entering the 'Common-room' or kitchens; and when/where appropriate, comply with social distancing rules in all 'common areas';
  • Bookings are accepted on a 'room only' OR a 'bunk only' OR on a ‘Unit’ basis, with shared use of the 'common-room' areas (lounge/dining/kitchen).  
  • NB: this is a Self-catering accommodation, which means you are required to bring your own food/supplies with you...nearest grocery shops enroute to the Hostel are: Ardrishaig 2 miles, Lochgilphead 5 miles and Tarbert 9 miles;
  • Guests will be responsible for cleaning/sanitising anything/all they use in the 'common-room/kitchen, (eg: to timely properly wash/dry and put back to where they came from);
  • Cleaning materials can be made available for guest use in all ensuite bedrooms to offer additional hygiene confidence;
  • The firepit and outside seating areas are available for guest use.
  • On check-out, guests must open their window, strip and fold all bedding and bag & remove all rubbish from their room;
  • * If a guest (or anyone in their 'household') has a positive Covid-19 test result and it is not possible for them to return home by avoiding public transport, then we may be able to offer accommodation for self isolation at our usual rate, and subject to other bookings.
Scottish Government regulations/guidelines have constantly changed to be in line with the current "Science", therefore it is your responsibility and essential that you check these prior to making a booking.